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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you considering a vasectomy? We understand this is an important decision for you and your family so we have addressed some of the most common concerns thus providing you with a clearer understanding of the procedure and all it entails.

Reasons to consider a No-Scalpel Vasectomy?

  • You have completed your family.
  • You would like to enjoy sex without the fear of an unplanned pregnancy.
  • You and your partner find it preferential to other forms of contraception.
  • You and your partner would like to avoid the use of long term hormonal contraception.
  • You would like to take responsibility for long term contraception.
  • You want permanent contraception.
  • You want a cost-effective contraceptive option long term.
  • No-Scalpel is a much safer procedure than a tubal ligation

How effective is No-Scalpel Vasectomy in comparison to other methods of contraception?

After you have produced a clear second semen analysis the failure rate of vasectomies is about 1 in 3000. No other contraception is as effective as this, including coils and tubal ligation. Vasectomy is the only method of contraception for men other than condoms. Condoms are not very effective for contraception and have a failure rate of 5-10 in 100. The contraceptive pill has a failure rate of 3-6 in 100 and the coil and tubal ligation have a failure rate of 1 in 1000.Vasectomy is the most effective method of contraception available today.

What does No-Scalpel Vasectomy mean?

A No-Scalpel Vasectomy is a safe and uncomplicated procedure. It is the most reliable form of contraception available today. It is a minor surgical procedure with a very low risk of side effects and patients return to normal activities after a couple of days. It is performed under local anaesthetic.

During this minor procedure the tube that carries sperm from your testes to mix with your semen is divided. This tube is called the Vas Deferens. A very small opening is made in the skin (2 to 3 mm) and the tube is visualized and divided via this opening. The ends of the divided tube are sealed. The opening is so small that no scalpel is required and no sutures are needed to seal this wound. It will heal in 24 to 36 hours. Once this Vas Deferens is divided it will prevents any further sperm becoming part of your semen. This prevents conception resulting from intercourse.

Why is No-Scalpel Vasectomy better?

No scalpel vasectomy is a far superior method than the traditional vasectomy technique.

  • There is minimal discomfort
  • There are ten times fewer complications that conventional vasectomy
  • It is often a faster procedure
  • No stitches are needed in the skin
  • There is a 40 to 50% quicker recovery than conventional vasectomy

How long will my vasectomy take?

The procedure takes about 15 minutes to perform but we ask you to allow an hour door to door to ensure time for a short rest and post-procedure instructions to be explained to you.

Will it affect my sex drive or performance?

Vasectomy does not alter your hormones, sex drive or ejaculate.

Can I drive home?

Whilst you will be able to drive home if necessary it is advised that you arrange for someone to give you a lift home where possible to maximise your comfort.

Will my vasectomy be painful?

There is minimal discomfort in administering local anaesthetic at the beginning of your vasectomy. This mild stinging lasts about 10 to 20 seconds and then you will have no pain. There can be very mild discomfort following the procedure for about 2 days and this is easily relieved using rest, supportive underwear and over the counter simple painkillers such as Paracetamol and Ibuprofen.

How long do I need to use alternative contraception after my vasectomy?

You and your partner will need to use alternative contraception until you are given the all-clear following the submission and analysis of semen samples at 20 weeks and 24 weeks post-operatively. Instructions on semen analysis sampling will be provided to you by Vasectomy Kerry at the time of your procedure.

Can my vasectomy be reversed?

While possible, vasectomy reversal can be very complex with variable success. The decision to proceed with your vasectomy must be informed and considered carefully. Vasectomy should be considered a permanent life-long contraceptive choice.

Can my vasectomy fail to work?

A vasectomy is successful in providing permanent contraception for you in 99.9% of cases.
 Recanalisation is where the vas deferens manages to "grow back" and reverse the vasectomy making a man potentially fertile again. This can occur in the initial months in 1 in 300 vasectomies. In the rare event of this occurring it will be identified by the semen analysis you carry out after your vasectomy. Your vasectomy is considered effective only once it has been demonstrated by semen analysis that you have no moving sperm in your semen.
Recanalisation may occur later than this time in 1 in 4000 vasectomies.

Does my partner need to accompany me to the pre-operative visit?

It is not necessary for your partner to accompany you to the initial visit but they are more than welcome if they so wish. We do strongly encourage you to discuss the procedure and its implications with your spouse or partner both in advance of the initial visit and also prior to attending for your vasectomy.

What should I expect in the days after the procedure?

You may experience mild discomfort in the first 24 hours. We advise men to rest up at home with their feet up to minimise post-operative discomfort which should be very mild anyway. Any discomfort should be readily managed with simple over the counter painkillers like paracetamol and nurofen, rest and good supportive underwear. Should you experience pain greater than this please contact the surgery and we will take care of you.
The day following the procedure it is reasonable to walk around but to minimise any unnecessary physical activity. In the day afterwards normal physical activities can be gradually resumed.

How soon can I return to work?

Depending on the type of job you do if it is sedentary there is no reason not to return to work the following day but it is preferable if possible to take a couple of days off after the procedure to minimise activity. If your job is particularly physical it is strongly recommended that you do not return to work for 2-3 days following the procedure.

How soon after can I have intercourse?

Most men will comfortably resume sexual intercourse after 3 days.

How soon after my Vasectomy can I exercise?

Depending on the type of exercise, running and non-contact sports can be resumed within the week but it is advisable to wear good supporting underwear initially. Contact sports can be resumed usually by the end of the second post-operative week.

How soon after my vasectomy do I submit a semen sample.

You need to provide the first sample at 20 weeks and the second sample at 24 weeks. Vasectomy Kerry will provide you with all the relevant information and appropriate containers to facilitate this. We will write to you confirming the presence of two consecutive clear semen samples once we have received the results of these from the laboratory.

Does a vasectomy prevent against STDs?

Vasectomies do not prevent against the contraction of STDs and condoms need to be worn if you are concerned regarding this.

How do I contact the clinic to arrange an appointment?

The phone number of the clinic is 064 6620628
. Our reception team will facilitate you with an appointment as early as possible.

How much does a vasectomy cost?

The initial consultantion with Dr Moloney is €100 and the vasectomy procedure is €500. Included in the cost of the vasectomy is the two semen analysis samples and a follow up consultation if required.